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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Just when you thought you new where you were going...

I really thought I'd found the perfect job, finally...and then things got so incredibly slow, and the inevitable lay-off came! But on the bright side, I now am expecting my first ever unemployment check! Wow, first time ever to collect. I've been in the work force for over 35 years and never filed before. Duane found out he made it thru the latest lay-offs at Micron here in Boise. We continue to pray for his employer, and so far so good. He really likes his job and the people he works for, so we'll continue to hope for the best. We really do have a positive outlook for the future, but we're both keeping one eye open for a new job for him just in case....I'm trying to figure out how to get down to Tucson to see our new Granddaughter, Clara Jane Cullen. Now that Henry Robert is here (Hank), it's safe for me to leave town. I've got a free ticket to use, so I know I'm going sometime soon...hope you're all doing well. Lots of love, Roz , Duane and Ashley