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Saturday, April 28, 2012

we are having so much fun creating a new look...everyone needs to have their life shaken out like a throw rug!
Chairs were found at yard sale for $5 ea. Duane sanded and painted, I did the recover job...we are loving this new shabby chic look we're doing....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Found our sofa and new chair for Duane

I am great at recycling, I believe in reuse it, re-purpose, and wear it out! My cousin Deann and I have had many a wonderful yard sale adventure, but both agree that it its fun to have furniture that we"chose" first.That wonderful hunt for just the perfect one, not because its the least expensive-or the only thing  your Mom could part with out of the garage (not discounting those know what I mean)...I found out many things in this process, one is I love my husband. Trying to get him to explain why he didn't like certain styles of sofas was funny...He said they were messy looking with skirt on the no skirt on the new sofa-check! In the past I had been in charge of this on my own, I love his ideas....

Monday, April 16, 2012

Duane and I have finally settled on where to live here in the Orlando area...we found an adorable condo type apartment. We feel as though we're doing everything backwards...when we married, we started with 3 children and house full of furniture that I'd collected. Duane sold much of our furniture before the move here to Florida. So we have been shopping, and trying to make our decorating dollars stretch...some brand new items, and some gently used items from garage sales, thrift shops and craigslist. I know that I have stalked a few of the Thrift Shops around here, and it has paid off. Duane has spent his spare time stripping furniture and helping me to "pickle it"....(if anyone follows the show Portlandia , there is a saying we have picked up from the show) we  "pickle" everything that isn't nailed down...even some of those things are getting "pickled" as well! As we start the process of setting up our new home,we will invite you, our family and friends to join us in the adventure...Thanks for coming along! L10808133b.jpg (650×650)