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Saturday, August 28, 2010


As we prepare to go to training, it's becoming more "real" that we're going to be on the road for quite a bit of time. I have taken this opportunity to go through many of the things we have accumulated through the years. I have given so many things away, and have more to give to Deseret Industries. They are my favorite organization to give things to. On Tuesday we are having a get together at my church, and we're going to have mini-yard sale that night amongst the women that come. Well, perfect timing for me,as I have a ton of great "stuff" that I don't need....I am going to part with some of my fabric that I've been storing, just in case....well, since I won't be here to sew, I might as well share the wealth so to speak! It's amazing how great it feels to de-junk...
Ashley had a friend come over today to help out in the yard. I would have to say that Skyler must have one wonderful family. This young man just jumped in and started shoveling rock and carting the wheel barrow around like a pro! What a blessing he was to our family. Duane and Ashley had been working out there for a few hours, and just having the extra hands and positive attitude picked up their spirits! They were moving a large pile of slate rocks that were to make a dry creek looks great by the way. Nice to have one of Duane's long term projects completed in time for the fall leaves...
I am making lists and checking them more than twice, that's for sure. I realize that we will be packing for more than one type of weather, and if you know me, you know that I prefer dresses over pants. Well, I know that I need to wear pants to do this whole truck training, and no sandals either....for some reason I prefer open sandals or going barefoot. I will adapt, at least for training. Looking forward to visiting Duane's cousins and other relatives on our way to drop Ashley at school...this is it for tonight, see you soon!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Duane Graduates from Rocky Mountain Business Academy!

We are so excited,Duane has been going to school for the past 9 months to learn more about the medical coding and billing and administrative arena. During this time we've seen the economy dip even a bit further than we had expected. So, armed with his certificate of learning we venture off into the world of Long Haul Trucking. He's planning on using his skills to keep our personal books in order, taking advantage of the Excel program to help us organize our travels, and to keep extremely ordered logs for our personal use. We are getting so excited, only 1 week until we set off on our route to get up to school. We have added another stop on the way to Lewiston. We are going to Twin Falls to visit a niece and nephew Jon and Autumn Pittard and their adorable children. We haven't had the time to see their new home, and hope to help put together a new swing set for them while there. It does seem a bit out of the way to Lewiston to go east, but of course our most important stop is at Duane's cousins, Mike and Maureen Anderson on our way to check Ashley into her dorm. It's so hard to believe that she's in college and we're starting a new adventure. I hear about parents remodeling their home, changing rooms around and things like that. But, wow, remodeling your life? That seems like what we're doing...Please click the follow our blog button to stay up with us...and feel free to comment on our blog would love to hear your thoughts! Plus, if you know if any great places to see or fantastic little out of the way restaurants, let us know...til' next time, Roz and Duane

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

some fun things that I've found..

Bluebird Goods"/>

I love this website, and wanted to share with all of you...enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Change is in the wind...

Well, Duane and I have decided to spend our 21st Anniversary in Lewiston, Idaho. You might ask, really???? Not to knock Lewiston, but it's not on any top ten places to visit on anyone's romantic trip list. We will be there doing the driver's training portion of our CDL license process. We are going to do OTR/ Long Haul Team Driving for Swift Trucking. This is a radical change for both of us, one that will probably test us on many levels. We have prayed about this decision, and just plain feel good about it. We hope to share this with all of you, on a very honest and open level. I think at this point we're extremely optimistic about our upcoming adventure. We know on some deep level that this is going to be hard work, but I think we are still romantisizing the whole adventure somewhat....
I knew Duane wouldn't have any trouble passing his knowledge portion of the CDL permit process, but was concerned for myself. I learned about S-cams and air brakes, things previousl unknown to me. I now know how to identify various parts of the 5th wheel hitch, and just what they do, wow how did I live this long without knowing any of this?! I had my last day on Saturday at my call center job with Directv...I will miss my team members, they were a wonderful group of people, that I really grew to care about and relied on to mak it thru each day! I am hoping to stay in touch with eveyone thru this blog. We don't want to be forgotten, you know, out of sight, out of mind? Drop us a line, comment on our blog. We will be taking pictures and sharing them with all of you. I am going to ask my oldest daughter, Danielle to help me with a map of our adventures....(nice to have a map maker for daughter!) Today, our new wireless internet device arrived from Sprint. We have been Verizon customers forever, but it seems that Sprint has the best wireless internet for where we will be....I will let you all know how that goes as well. I'm packing for a long trip...more later... As always, keep smiling! Roz and Duane