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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Time keeps on slipping into the future...I've heard those words somewhere before...? But they are so apt, we have had an extremely fun and busy past year! WE moved to our new townhome in April, and are loving the closeness to work and the extra guest room!

This is our guest room, make your bid now, slots are filling up and we'd love to have you come visit!

 The first of May we had Nancy Madsen, Brian and Melanie Stengel and boys stay on their big Florida Vacation...the day they left we had Craig and Heather Hamann and their sweet children stay with us as well. My brother Mike Madsen will be here this Wednesday for a few days for grand opening of the Antartica Exhibit at Sea World here in Olando. Haven't seen Mike since he helped us move from Idaho 2 years ago.

 Now getting ready to have Joseph and Danielle Cullen and our beautiful granddaughters visit for a week the first of June. Danielle and Joseph are going to entrust the girls to Duane, myself and Eric for the week, as they hope to have some quality time together here in Florida! WE hope to have some seriously good times with our girls...the hard part will be cramming it all in, including the sewing and crafting we have planned!

Work is going well for both of us. Duane is doing well at Mears Transportation, currently driving the Disney Magical Express. He is having so much fun, and brings joy to those he transports to the magic at Walt Disney World...I love sharing a moment of pixie dust with our guests preparing to join us here at Walt Disney World. Being a REservationist is fun, I work four 10 hour shifts and have Sat, Sun, and Monday off...very nice. Hugs to all, hope to see you real soon!