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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Day Off!

Wow, a day off, home is weird to have the house to myself these days...One of the weird things about working in the same place, car pooling together, is that you really are together all of the time. Not bad, just not what we were used to for most of our married life so far. For so many years Duane and I were a tag team to have one of us in the home at all times for our children. We sacrificed together time so we would be better parents. We found ways to carve out time for "us", BUT now I think we may need to figure out how to have "individual" time. I guess couples that retire experience that as well. Maybe by the time we retire, we will have this all figured out. The other thing that is weird, that we no longer have all of our close friends and family surrounding us, and we are starting over so to speak. I don' feel inclined to make lots of friends (so weird for me), as we plan on moving again this next year...Bakersfield has been good to us, but isn't where we'd like to stay. As it has the notorius reputation of the WORST AIR QUALITY IN THE UNITED STATES,this is motivation to move back to Idaho where the air is fresh and clean. Things seem not as hectic in Idaho as well, something I find I miss quite a bit! We never run into people we know here, so of course shopping is much quicker, not sure if that's a good thing or bad...(Duane would say good!)
When I asked at work if they could possibly give me part time hours I felt certain that I would be giving them my resignation when they had to turn me down. Low and behold they seem to like us, and granted my wish to work only 3 days a week. The income from 3 days is like working 5 days a week somewhere else...My Lupus and Fibromyalgia have been giving me some problems lately, and my hope is that by slowing down and resting a bit I will recover and go back into remission. All I ever wanted in life was to be surrounded by family and friends, celebrating life, and this is sure a test for me personally. Duane isn't liking it much either, he is really missing our children/grandchildren and friends....19 years in the same place felt like we'd really grown roots, and well, the feelings are still there. WE MISS IDAHO! But there is so much to explore here, and well service to our family members that need our help, we will stay busy while we are here. Hoping to return to Idaho in 2012.There, I've said it, now it's a reality and we will see if we can make it happen. Things will always be different as children move to other locations, so we will continue to travel to see them. Duane and I find we love travel, that's a good thing! We would love to have some visitors, day visit, overnight, we have you covered, just give us a call....